Death of a Socialite

Every Little Step

So much going on and I can't breathe. Ever have that fuck it moment? I’ve walked away from everything once before and failed. And I’m ready to do it again the right way. I sadly truly believe that going to school didn't do anything for me. What they taught me did not prepare me for anything I had to deal with in the real world. And I don’t want to sound unappreciative but in the era I grew up in, my parents sadly didn’t prepare me for the world either. I wish I had the tools of how to save properly, how to make money, all about credit, how to handle a break up … shit how to prepare for the ultimate let downs by the closest ones to you. Learn how to bounce back from it all. This isnt another cry baby story. This is my story. A single mother full of pain and anger, trying to make sense of it all. Looking for a way to survive and succeed before its too late. As I start a new journey over in my 30's I take a look back to see the steps I have made till this very moment. So many mixed emotions to see if it is even possible to start over at this age. A scary thought to push yourself into the unknown in search of true happiness and comfort. To get there I have to step out of my comfort zone and take a deep look how I got to this point and finally say good-bye to the past. Follow on my journey as I search for clarity and pick the bits and pieces up, all while saying good-bye. Death of a Socialite.